Learn more about the two organizations bringing you the 4th annual Children's Champions event.

WWFC’s mission is to improve children’s self-esteem and self-confidence. We strive to do this by funding existing programs, and creating new programs, that provide children living in underserved communities with the gift of encouragement and self-confidence. When children believe in themselves and have others believe in them, they are able to develop the emotional, social, and physical skills that allow them to lead healthy, motivated, and inspired lives.

For more information, visit www.wenderweis.org.


Fit Kids' mission is to promote a healthy, active lifestyle among children in underserved communities through high quality youth fitness and nutrition programs. By providing our science based youth fitness curriculum at no cost, we offer increased opportunities for physical activity and inspire an early love of sports and fitness that will serve as the foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Furthermore, Fit Kids provides the framework to help children build positive relationships, self-confidence, independence and the ability to deal with adversity.

For more information, visit www.fitkids.org.

Event Chairs

Staci and Cary Cole

Katie and JD Simpson


Past Chairs

Carson and Helmy Eltoukhy

Dana and Charles Carmel

Staci and Jonathan Friesel


Host Committee (as of 4/5/17)

Dimitra and Jevan Anderson

Rachael and Larry Bowman

Amy and Grady Burnett

Paula and Bandel Carano

Dana and Charles Carmel

Ashley and John Chambers 

Annette and David Chan

Courtney and Michael Charney

Jamie and Steven Chen

Kate and Sol Coffino

Emily and Lance Conn

Michele and Ronny Conway

Suzanne and J Crandall

Kate and Eric Dachs

Keri Nicholas and Loren Dakin

Lorraine Twohill and Pete Davis

Abby and Egon Durban

Tamara and Derek Dunn

Silvia and Paul Edwards

Carson and Helmy Eltoukhy

Didi and Greg Engel

Chandler and Oliver Evans

Nancy and Scott Evars

Elizabeth and Ahmed Fattouh

Masha and Dave Fisch

Staci and Jonathan Friesel

Stacy and Brent Gullixson

David Handler and Doug Pawliuk

Jenny and Brian Hayden

Jessica and J Hickingbotham

Sara and Russell Hirsch

Michelle and Andrew Ho

Lara and Andrew Housser

Trish and Jerry Inguagiato

Michelle Gilman Jasen and Rich Jasen

Erica and Larry Katz

Puja and Samir Kaul

Camille Kennedy

Heather and Marshall Koch

Laura and David Krane

Riaz and Melanie Ladhabhoy

Alexandria and Kevin Marchetti

Meredith and John Meeks


Brittany and Matt Messmer

Priti and Sanjay Morey

Anna and Matt Morris

Margaret and Peter Munzig

Julia and David Popowitz

Andy and Laura Poppink

Claudia and Keith Ross

Eva and Bryan Schreier 

Sara and David Schnell

Leslie and Mike Schott

Sonia Arrison Senkut and Aydin Senkut

Margaret and Edward Sickel

Charles and Nicole Taylor

Marisol and Zach Trailer

Charlotte and Alan Waxman

Amelia Schultz and Jason Werlin

Angelique and Andrew Wilson

Lacey and Justin Wismer

Jill and Nick Woodman

Suzanne and Adam Yonkers

Jennifer and Ethan Zweig

Junior Committee

Junior Committee Chair: Trish Inguagiato

Ava Honerkamp

Gianna Inguagiato

Henry Knoll

Emmy McGrath

Sarah McGrath

Quinn Meinhardt

Jackson Aldrich

Ardem Baronian

Allison Carter

Matteo Fontana

Amanda Foster

Talia Grossman


Will Meinhardt

Miles Ryan

Paul Thie

Anna Thie