Children’s Champions is an annual, family-friendly, community event that benefits Bay Area underserved children while showcasing many different sports and ways to be active. Ticket sales and sponsorships help support the attendance of 300 underserved children at the event. Held on the football field at Menlo College, the children and adults in attendance have unrestricted access to the Stanford athletes and sports teams that are part of the event. All attendees have the unique opportunity to learn about each sport from the Stanford athletes by participating in drills and activities with each team. Fit Kids activities are also featured at Children’s Champions as well as arts and crafts, photo opportunities, a flash mob and lunch and snacks for all guests. 

Children’s Champions also includes many current and retired professional athletes, all of whom are passionate about health and fitness and supporting the youth from our local, underserved communities. This year we are honored that SF 49ers legend, Ronnie Lott, will be at the event to accept the Change Maker Award. This annual award is given to a professional athlete that uses their stature and professional sports platform to support underserved children in the Bay Area. Ronnie’s incredible commitment to supporting the underserved children in the Bay Area exemplifies the Change Maker award. 

Children’s Champions is hosted through a unique partnership with 2 local non-profits that support Bay Area youth. Fit Kids, founded in 2011, provides structured physical activity programs to underserved children to build the foundation for a healthy, active life. Now in its’ 7th year, Fit Kids programs help thousands of children each year to increase their physical activity levels by making fitness fun through a proprietary curriculum that builds important fitness and movement skills. Fit Kids programs are located predominately in the Bay Area, with additional programs now offered in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Houston. The Wender Weis Foundation for Children (WWFC), founded in 1994, is committed to improving the self-esteem and self-confidence of children living in underserved communities. WWFC supports 501(c) 3 non-profit organizations that are “bridging the gap” for underserved children and over the last 20 years has supported over 40 organizations, had more than 4,500 at-risk children attend events, and had more than 300 professional athletes participate in WWFC events.


Fit Kids was founded in January 2011 to provide underserved children with opportunities to be physically active. Our mission is to provide structured physical activity programs to underserved children to build the foundation for a healthy, active life. Physical activity provides a myriad of life-changing physical, mental and social benefits to all children. One of the most important benefits of physical activity is that it serves as preventative medicine by reducing the risk of obesity and related diseases.  It is much easier and more effective to prevent unhealthy weight gain than it is to reverse it later. 

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WWFC’s mission is to improve children’s self-esteem and self-confidence. We strive to do this by funding existing programs, and creating new programs, that provide children living in underserved communities with the gift of encouragement and self-confidence. When children believe in themselves and have others believe in them, they are able to develop the emotional, social, and physical skills that allow them to lead healthy, motivated, and inspired lives.

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